About US

Cheese Weasel Logistics, LLC was founded on the core philosophy of making gaming easier. Initially focused on game accessories, the 2006 season brought an expansion into game design. The approach has not changed from the company’s original philosophy of a collaborative business model and industry approach. Included in this approach is product synergy with peer companies, logistical support, and programs to enhance and develop market presence for small and start-up companies.

Cheese Weasel Logistics products are designed from a comprehensive and holistic perspective – taking into consideration the components common to game types and systems, combined needs for storage, transportation and accessibility, and the audience particular to various games and play styles. Cheese Weasel games take the same approach by converging different gaming aspects into a new game models.
Within the gaming community, Cheese Weasel Logistics has created and run synergy programs with peer companies. Some focus on one-on-one product synergy between our accessories and particular game systems. Others programs, with a larger scope, bring multiple companies together during conventions to enhance product visibility and grow the base of customers visiting small and/or new exhibitor booths. The success of these programs has been exciting!

Cheese Weasel Logistics has established an enthusiastic fan base and a host of fun and effective partnerships within its first years of operation. 2005 saw the expansion of the product line, more custom products for popular game systems such as WizKids’ Pirates(TM) and Fantasy Flight Games’ Call of Cthulhu(TM) and the consolidation of our distribution and order fulfillment services to make the company more visible and our products more easily accessible. 2006 was exciting as well with the introduction of two original games designed by the Weasels themselves.

Throughout the adventure of starting, running, and growing a game company, we have had the good fortune to meet many wonderful people, both customers and in peer companies. They have been drivers of ideas, resources, reasons to keep going, and lots of comic relief! We always welcome and enjoy input and feedback. Come introduce yourself to us at a Con, or write us an email, and tell us your ideas