Gencon 2007 Pictures and Memories

Well here are some of the pictures and comments I promised from Gencon 2007. Hope you like it.

Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena

We had several event we ran for our newest game. Here are some folks enjoying the game.

And a few images from the final round of our World Chamiopnship.

And of course the World Champion himself.

We also got to meet a few real live superheroes. First we met Major Victory from Stan Lee's "Who Wants to be a Super Hero". He was great and even stopped by the booth on Sunday to say hi.

We also had the winner of the contest, Feedback, stop by and say hi. I'll have more images on that later, but I did stop by the autograph booth and introduce myself.

And here are the pictures of Feedback in the Cheese Weasel Booth doing the ConGames drawings, enjoy.