In case you don't know us or haven't spoken to us in a while. On October 9, 2005 the Chiefweasel and Sheweasel were married at Oatlands plantation. Some 130 people were in attendance including many people from the gaming community. The weather was a bit hazy but the week long rains broke just long enough for us to do the ceremony and have the reception.

A few days after the wedding we took our honeymoon as a 10 day cruise to the Galapagos Islands. This was a National Geographic Cruise that had their naturalists on board. It was hands down the best trip I have ever been on. I have wanted to see the Galapagos Islands for as long as I can remember. And I can now check one of the places to visit before I die off my list. The trip was amazing. It is everything that you imagine it would be. The animals are just as you see them in the documentaries. The landscape was very stark and barren. We were there during the dry season and we were told that it gets very green in the wet season. Any ways we took some 1300 pictures. There is no way we are going to post those to the website, sorry folks. What we have done is taken out best 12 or so and have posted them. I hope you like them, we had fun taking them. All shots were taken with a Fujifilm 3.2 megapixel camera.

These images are not in order, just the way we presented them.


This is something that was growing on the rock wall. You could only see it when the waves pulled back. We took this picture on the first day were got there.


This is a baby Red Footed Boobie. It is a few weeks old.


This is two gangs of Mocking Birds fighting. They would stand about two feet from each other and caw at each other. There were three on one side and two on the other. Every so often they would charge each other and fight.


This is a Blue Footed Boobie. He was just standing on a rock looking at us as we drove by in our Zodiac.


These two look like they are in the midst of a Disney production. Ladies and Gentelmen, introducting, Sea Lion and Boobie!!!! Lets give them a hand.


This is my favorate. This is a marine iguana getting some sun. They look dinosaurs. Its easy to see how people make the mistake that modern lizards were the same as those anchient beasts.


This is a group of iguanas getting some sun. These guys were everywhere. You had to be careful not to step on them as you walked around.


This is just a representation of the type of landscape that is all over the Galapagos. This is just an average coastline. We found it amazing because of the color and the way that the cliffs just fall off into th sea.


Here is Just a few iguanas and some crabs enjoying the mid-day sun.


This guy kept following me around. I finally got a picture of him. Here he is putting his beak on the lens of my camera. This just goes to prove how friendly the animals are. They have no fear of any animals.


This is a typical Sea Lion. They are all over the Galapagos. For some reason they don't seem to have any bones in the irnecks. They will sleep with their heads laying on their backs. Looks very uncomfortable, but if it were they wouldn't do it.


This is another Sea Lion. He just spent afew minutes rolling in the sand. Not sure why, but thats what they do.