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08/19/09 - Well Gen Con is behind us, exhausting as ever, but a lot of fun at the same time.  If you haven’t gone before, get off your butts and go next year.  You won’t regret it.  Well on to some updates.  What’s new with the Weasel:

First of all the Weasel has thrown its hat into the arena of iPhone apps.  Over the next several months we will be coming out with several games and utilities.  The first on our list is our own Death by Dice.  Look for it on the Apple store in the next month or so and stay tuned for more to come.  If anyone is interested in having their game produced into an iPhone app, just let us know at chiefweasel@cheeseweasel.net and we’ll take a look at what you have.  As we have information I will create a link to the App page.  Stay tuned.

Another area we have gotten interested within the past few months in the Lone Wolf Development product, Hero Lab.  This is a character generator for several gaming system.  It is very flexible and even allows you to create your own game system with it.  My interest in it is for the D&D 3.5 character generation.  With that in mind I have begun adding content from the source books outside those covered by the OGL, which are really just the Players Handbook, DMs Guide, and Monster Manual.  Lone Wolf Development is not allowed to sell any of the other content but users can enter it into the product and give it to whoever wants it.  That’s what we are looking to do.  We are looking to become a portal for all the user created content.  I will post all the content that I have created as well as any content other users are willing to send me.  I will give full credit to its creator.  Please bear in mind all this content will be given away to whoever wants it, there is no payment for the content and no one should have any expectation of payment for any content they create and send to us.  I have created a Hero Lab link to the download page where all the content will be kept.  Please feel free to take a look at it and add to it as you like.  Thanks.

07/25/09 - Hey all, just a brief blurb about what the Weasel has been and is up too.  Well we did another Tanga event for our Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena board game.  It went very well with the Weasel selling over 100 units in 8 hours.  Thanks to everyone out there who picked one up.  For those of you who don’t know about Tanga, you should stop by at www.tanga.com.

Well, lets see we are currently gearing up for Gen Con 2009.  We are running our ConGames program again this year, so make sure you stop by and say hi and play the game of course.  For those who do, there is a chance to win over $12,000 in prizes, including a cruise for 2.  We have removed the forums from the website.  It became too much of an effort to keep the spammers off of it.  We were getting like 80 crap entries a day, and well it just got to be too much for me. 

In big news, the Weasel is venturing into new waters.  We have begun writing iPhone apps for games as well as a few utilities we have thought of.  This is just in the starting phases but we are in talks with several companies to produce both game apps and utility apps for them.  Stay turned for more information as things develop. 

07/08/09 - Well we are doing the ConGames again this year, and it looks to be as big as ever! This year we are giving away 2 cruise tickets to some lucky winner, so make sure you come and try your luck. Just stop by the starter booth, you know the one with me standing there with a giant yellow "!" over my head.

04/24/09 - Well its confirmed, we are going to Gen Con and doing our ConGames 2009!!! Stay turned for details.

03/04/09 - Hey everyone, well I wanted to make an update to the website.  I know it’s been a while but to be honest not much is happening at Cheese Weasel.  For those of you that are on www.tanga.com you may have seen our products up for sale there.  We have had 2 sales of our Pit Fighter game, and sold over 280 units within a few hours.  If you haven’t been over to Tanga, I would suggest you take a look at it, I’m sure there is something there you will find.

We are currently in talks with Gen Con about going this year and offering our ConGame program to both exhibitors are convention goers.  Things might be a little different this year though.  With the down turn in the economy and the fact that Gen Con has just come out of Chapter 11, it is going to cost us more bring the service to Gen Con.  We are trying to find/figure out new ways to generate funds for the game so that it won’t cost companies more to participate.  But it looks like it’s going to cost a bit more this year, sorry about that.  If all goes well we should be able to bring our biggest game yet to the convention.  So check back from time to time and check the Gen Con website for information on it as well. 

Let’s see what else is going on…, well we are working on 2 new products here at the Weasel and hope to bring them to the gaming community sometime this year.  We have a new game in play test right now, but it is going slower than we had hoped.  But no worries, we would rather wait and produce a better product then rush a bad one to market.  We are also working on a book like product that I can’t talk too much about yet.  But I will keep you informed as things progress.

For those interested, I have been getting into using the Hero Labs product from Lone Wolf Development, and for those that done know what the product is, it’s a D&D 3.5 character creator program.  It has a few different systems in it already and it also allows you to add new content or create your own.  I have been adding in prestige classes and items from the 3.5 books.  It has been slow going because of the vast amount of information to be entered in.  If folks are interested in helping enter some of this data, then stop over at the Lone Wolf Development site and see what you can do.

10/27/08 - Hey all, a few new items here at the Weasel to talk about today. First of all we are dropping the price of our Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena game and its accessories check out the Pit Fighter page for details. Secondly we have added a forums section to the site. It’s a long time coming and it still needs some work, but I think it is ready for use. If anyone has any comments on it please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to fix it. The link for the forums in located on the menu bar to the left.

So what else have the Weasels been up too? We’ll we are in the play test mode for our next game. We probably won’t create and sell this one ourselves, but will try to sell it to another company to produce. It is a fun one though and a bit on the silly side. We are also working on about 3 other weasel related projects, games and what not. We’ll keep you informed as things develop.

09/05/08 - Hello everyone, I hope the holiday weekend was good to everyone. Also the kids are back in school, I know how much some of you love that, lol. Well not much new at the Weasel this month. I am putting the finishing touches on a new game we are looking to do. Its almost ready for play testing and should be good to go by the end of next week. we’ll give it some time for play test then move on to the next step.

A few new things on the website. We have sold the last of our t-shirts. Instead of having a new shipment of them made we are instead using CafePress. They can put just about anything on just about anything. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone but it seems the best way for us to go.

I am also trying to put up a forums section on the website. It is slow going since I have no idea what I am doing. I’ll let you all know when that is complete. I am also looking at putting up a retail locator on the website. I am trying to find an automated way of doing this, but again, I’m no expert when it comes to websites so its very slow going. I might just put them up in regular HTML code and just use a bunch of pages. At least that will get us through until something batter can be found.

08/20/08 - Well we made it back from Gen Con, and what a trip it was. We ran our Cheese Weasel ConGame there and it was our largest yet. We gave out over $12,000 in prizes as well as a cruise for 2 for a gamer cruise. I want to thank all the companies that were involved and especially our elite quest participants. Entropia, Gamer Adventures, and Beyond Protocol made it possible of us to bring the gamer cruise to life, so a big round of applause for them. We had 3 winners at the ConGames so congratulations to those folks. For those that played the ConGames let us know what you think, are there things we could do better, are there things that you would like to see, or not like to see. Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

We also want to thank the 3 Super Heroes that performed the drawings for us, Feedback who was there for a 2nd year, The Defuser, and Hygena. These are really great people who also have charities that they represent at the convention. Please take a few moments to go out to their sites and have a look at them. For all the work these Super Heroes do, they truly are super people. Thank you again. Check our Links page for links to their charities. Below is a list of the Gen Con 2008 ConGames winners:

First Place - Liz Hunter
Second Place - Liz Deahl
Third Place - Brian Brokaw

And the Elite Quest - Liz Deahl (Yes its the same person, very odd, 2 different people did the drawings from two different baskets)

Now what is going on with the Weasel? Well we have been extremely busy this year and I must apologize for not updating the website nearly as often as it should have been. As some of you may know the Sheweasel is a signer actress who works with charities and community organizations to help them out. Her career in that area has really taken off and with her music collaborator have developed a troop cal Plunge Cabaret, in fact if you would like to see her in concert to can do a search for it on Youtube. You will even see some songs that she has written, so take a look when you get a chance. The creation and building of the music program has kept both of us extremely busy this past year. But I vow to try and keep the site updated more often.

And as for the site, we will be adding in a few new things here shortly (as soon as I can figure out how to do it). We are going to add a forums section so folks can ask question directly and add to the Weasel community. We are looking at a few new product ideas, in fact one is in the works right now. I can’t mention it here but if it comes to pass it should be big. We are also going to add a retail locator on our website so folks can find us at their local stores. We will start running more specials for our products, so look for sales coming your way.

Something we want to do is to start up our demo program more as well. We are looking for folks who can take our products to their local store and demo them to other players or even to the stores them selves if they don’t carry our products. If any one is interested just drop me a line and we can get you going on it. There is a link to the Sneak Program on the menu to the left.

Our ConGames program has really grown as well, to the point where a few conventions would like to have us come to their conventions and run it for them. With this in mind we are also looking for people who could help us out with this. Obviously we can’t attend all the convention around the country. If anyone is interested in helping us out here, again drop me a line and we can see what we can do.

Well I think that’s about it, lots of stuff going. Until next time, have fun!

07/07/08 - Well its been a while since we made some updates to the site, sorry about that. Thongs have been busy for some time now and as we all know that time can really slip away from you if you let it. So what have we been up too? That’s a good question. A lot of things really. The Sheweasel has a singing career that is starting to take off and that has been taking a lot of time up. The Chiefweasel was in a new job and that was taking up more time that I wanted. We have also been working on getting the ConGames up and running this year. For those who don't know what this is, it’s a program designed to introduce new and small companies to convention goers. And in the process give the convention goers the chance to win over $10,000 in prizes. Not a bad deal if you ask me. We hope to spend some more time getting things going again with the Weasel and look forward to a good 2008 and 2009.

We will also be putting more products on sale, so stay turned for that. We also have a few games in the works that we are going to try and sell to the larger companies. With the economy going the way it is, it’s very difficult for smaller companies to compete. The price of game creation has skyrocketed, with the cost of shipping being the largest contributor. This is why many companies are going to PDF formats for their games. Well it should be an interesting year all in all, so buckle up and hold on.

08/23/07 - Well we made it through Gencon 2007. There were a ton of people there, I’m sure it was record crowds. Our ConGames program was a great success! We had about 2000 people playing and the first and third place winners were there. We always like to see the winners there, that way we don’t have to bring everything home with us, lol. Check out the Gencopn 2007 link on the left tool bar.

We would like to congratulate all the winners of our Gencon 2007 ConGames. With over $12,500 in prizes up for grabs, these lucky three did pretty well for themselves at the convention, each walking away with boxes full of signed, rare, and one of a kind items. The three winners are:

First prize: Larry Lindle
Second Prize: John Coffman
Third prize: Andy Clautice

The winner of the Gencon 2007 iPod was Bernhard Burose. We ran a Daily Quest each day as well, and the 4 winners were:

Alex Dummer
Allen Taylor
Chris Hines
Sharon Lee Baker

Also for the Gencon ConGame we had a special treat this year. Feedback from Stan Lee’s “Who wants to be a superhero” was kind enough to come to the Cheese Weasel Booth and did the honors of drawing the winning tickets. We want to thank him and let him know that there are still true believers out there, and we hope to see him again next year.

Also we crowned our first Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena World Champion. He fought his way to the top, and I must say had some of the best games of PFFA I have ever seen. It was so close in the end it could have been anyone's game. But he pulled it out for a 1005g to 990g victory. His name, Robb Goldstein.

As I get pictures I will set up a Gencon page for all to see.

Also we will begin putting many of our products on sale, for the next 2 weeks all of our card Coffins will be just $6.00 instead of their usual price.

08/07/07 - Well we are just about ready to head off to Gencon 2008. Our ConGame is about the best we can make it, with over $12,000 in prizes up for grabs. So if you are giong to Gencon, stop by and pick up your Quest Cards, it's free, it's easy, and you might just walk away with a boatload of stuff.

Cheese Weasel Logistics is proud to announce that we have set up a Café Press entry for us. Now all sorts of products can be “Weaselized”, from shirts to mugs to hats and so on. Just select the Café Press link from our menu and you will be instance sent there. You can also get there from our T-Shirt page. So now you can take the Weasel with you everywhere you go.

07/13/07 - Well we made it back from Origins in one piece. Tired, a bit beat up and looking forward to Gencon, but we are back. Our ConGame went very well. We had about 2000 people playing as of Saturday afternoon. We even picked up a few extra companies who want to be involved in our Gencon ConGame. So how did Origins 2007 go? Not too bad. It seemed like attendance was down some, although I haven’t seen the official numbers, it was obvious to anyone there looking at the thinly populated hallways that not as many folks were around. That being said we did pretty well. We more then paid for the trip which is always nice to do. The winners of the Origins 2007 ConGame were: First Place - Greykell Dutton, Second place - Alyse Townsend, third place - Tricia Noble. For a list of what the First place winner received, you can check it out here http://werewulf.livejournal.com/107463.html#cutid1

Our new Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena picked up some new fans and we have even posted our next tournament on this website. And speaking of PFFA, we have noticed that all the demo game slots for Gencon are already full. We will try to have another demo or increase the number of folks that can participate in the existing demos. Even if we are unable to do this, just show up and we will try to find some room for you.

We also picked up a few new Booth Weasels to help us out next year at Origins. We even got one to give us a hand on Sunday, which was a tremendous help. We look forward to working with them next year. This will be great, we had a rough time this year with volunteers. We could have used another person or two to help us out. With this in mind, Cheese Weasel Logistics would like to extend an offer to anyone who is thinking of opening a gaming company and wants to know what it is like in a booth, to come on over and spend some time with us in our booth. We do booth work very well and can show you a lot. This would give you good experience to draw from when you are ready to open your own booth. If you’re interested just drop us a line.

We are throwing ourselves into the Gencon 2007 Cheese Weasel ConGame. So far we have about 45 companies involved and the prize pool should top $12,000. Very exciting so far. We’l throw some more information out here as things develop.

So now a little homework for you all, two assignments:

First of all, for those who attended Origins 2007, what did you see that you like the best, whether a game or new company, really just anything?

Second: What do you think can be done to improve the Origins convention as a whole?

Any idea will be entertained. Just send them along to Chiefweasel@cheeseweasel.net

Well I think that’s about it for us for now. Talk to you all later.

06/18/07 - Added a bunch of stuff. Put a few new links on the Links page, added some information about our ConGame at Origins 2007. If you plan to attend Origins 2007 stop on by the ConGames booth just outside the exhibit hall doors. We have about $6000.00 in prizes thus far and the pool is still growing.

06/01/07 -Well we are gearing up for Origins. We are currently hard at work getting all the companies involved in our ConGame. For those who are not familiar with our ConGame, “Where the heck have you been!” In short the Congame is a convention wide game that any convention goer can play. It is free and easy. OOO, I like the sound of that. All you have to do is stop by our ConGame booth located just outside the exhibitor hall main doors. There we will give you a Quest Card and answer any question you have. With the Quest Card you visit exhibitors booths and perform an action, they will then put a punch on your Quest Card and you can go on to the next exhibitor. When you have completed the card, fill out the contact information, drop it off back at the starting both, and it will become a raffle ticket. Total prizes are still be tallied, but are upwards to over $6000.00 so far. You don’t have to be present to win, but you do in order to play. So get your Quest Card early and tell your friends about it.

This years Origins ConGame is superhero based. You as a participant will take on the roll of a superhero. You have been summoned to Columbus to help the commissioner defend the city against the evil, diabolical Dr. U. G. Ly. You will be given Quest Card from the good folks at Cheese Weasel Logistics so search a district of the convention hall. Once you have completed your search take the information back to the ConGames starter booth or the Cheese Weasel Logistics booth and turn the Quest Card in. Three lucky superheroes will be awarded prizes for their efforts. But be on your toes, and be prepared to give your superhero name, your battle cry, and your superhero super ability. To obtain your own Superhero badge just click here.

As an added bonus, Rogue Judges is going to run demos of both our game, Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena and Death by Dice. Below is a listing of their times:

Origins 2007 Demos and Tournaments

Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena:
Rogue Judges (held at the Rogue Judges Headquarters)

  • Thursday, July 5th, 8:00am-9:45am
  • Saturday, July 7th, 10:00am-11:45am

Death By Dice:
Rogue Judges (held at the Rogue Judges Headquarters)

  • Thursday, July 5th, 8:00am-9:45am
  • Saturday, July 7th, 8:00am-9:45am

We are also running our Tournaments as well. here is a listing of them

Death by Dice Poke In Your Eye Tournament (run by Cheese Weasel Logistics)
  • Thursday, July 5th, 9:00pm-9:45pm
  • Friday, July 6th, 8:00pm-8:45pm
  • Saturday, July 7th, 8:00pm-8:45pm

Cheese Weasel Demo Events
Thursday, July 5th, 10:00pm-11:45pm
Friday, July 6th , 9:00pm-10:45pm

Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena Tournament
Saturday, July 7th, 9:00pm-10:45pm

05/15/07 - Big News!! Cheese Weasel Logistics is proud to announce that they have won the Spewgies Board Game of the year award for our board game Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena. We thank the good folks over at Spwegulist.com and for everyone who voted or us. A list of all the winners can be found at: Spewgulist.com.

04/29/07 - Just added information about the Cheese Weasel Logistics ConGames that we will be running at both Origins and Gencon. This year the games are getting bigger and more varied. We are introducing a Daily Game to the mix and the prizes are prving to be even larger then last year, and last year at Gencon the prize pool was over $8500.00. Click here to read about the Origins 2007 ConGame.

04/15/07 - Well its tax day, so I doubt anyone is reading this, but well we got our taxes in already and had a little free time to kill. As the summer rapidly approaches we are throwing ourselves into the summer convention season prep effort. We are already creating the “Cheese Weasel ConGames” for both origins and Gencon. We are expanding the operations of the game and including more vendors, more types of games and more ways to win. Last year the prize pool topped a bit over $6500.00. This year we hope to top $10,000 for the prize pool. We’ll keep you posted as thing develop and we get closer to the actual conventions.

We have just uploaded an online version of the rules for our Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena game. The file is a bit large, (7meg), so give it a bit to download. And speaking our Pit Fighter, we are introducing terrain and obstacles for the game. The basic rules have already addressed this and this new expansion allows for even more option and scenarios to be developed.

So what else is going on at the Weasel. Well we are looking forward to another convention season. We are in the midst of planning something very big and fun for Gencon. But you’ll have to wait and see what that is. We hope we can pull it together. We are looking at the next games we want to do, we actually have several in development and it all depends on which one shacks out the best to see where we go forward.

02/20/07 - Just wanted to let you know that we have made a few updates to the website. We have added some information to the Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena section, so check it out.

01/29/07 - Well it’s been a while since we had an update to the old website. So what is new? Well we finished our first Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena tournament a few weeks ago, we are looking forward to our next one very soon. After doing some playing Rogue Judges have decided to pick up both of our games, the previously mentioned Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena and Death by Dice. Both of these games will be demoed at origins and Gencon by Rogue Judges and so schedule your events early as their seating is limited. We are still in play test mode for the next 5 sets of Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena, so look for more information about them as it develops. New things we’ll be introducing like, magic rings, weapons that proc, odd things like “Suicide Squirrel Squads”, and many more. If you would like to register as a player or as a Pit Boss to run tournaments at your local store, just visit the Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena page for more details, and of course if you have any questions, just let us know.

We are in the process of creating the next Origins convention game, which has been dubbed the ConGame. For those not familiar with the convention games Cheese Weasel Logistics runs, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? At various convention Cheese Weasel Logistics, that’s us, create and run games for all people that go to the conventions. The idea is to give exposure to small and new companies to a larger base. We feel that many of these companies have great games and products but lack the funds for a large marketing campaign. So to try and give them as much exposure as we can at conventions we have created this ConGame format. It seems to work well, we had 2000 people playing at each Origins and Gencon last year, and hope to expand both this year. In fact Gencon has already asked us to expand the program to include other games and more elaborate games, we’ll have to wait and see what is being schemed up. But be assumered, that Origins this year is all about Super Heroes and how you can help bring down the evil doings of a certain Dr. U. G. Lee. Click here for more details.

01/03/07 - Well the holidays are behind us. Hope that everything went well and each of you had a good one. We here at the Weasel took a bit of a break, but not much. We are hard into it for the upcoming convention season. We have a few new ideas we want to try out, so keep your eyes open and your fingers crossed.

And for those that missed it, the Weasel made an appearance in the Parkersburg newpaper. Check out our "In The News" page for details.

11/28/06 - We have just added a Scenarios page. Look for new ways to take on the challenges of the pit.

11/03/06 - Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena Season is now open! The first tournament is underway, so sign up your stores, have a great time and get some promos! See the Pit Fighter Tournament page for all the details. Over the last several weeks, we've toured the local area and held Pit Fighter and Death by Dice release parties...in fact, there's one left to go at The Game Parlor in Chantilly, VA this coming Saturday (11/4). Thanks to all who have joined us "on the road" - it was great fun!

More changes to the site include updates to the News, Announcements and About Us pages. The new store options seem to be working out and we plan on keeping that format for awhile. Also, sad but true - the Whack-a-Weasel is no longer our home page. We've grown up a bit and so too must our website!

And a bit of early-stage news that's quite exciting! Cheese Weasel is working with Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) on some accessory products for their Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) system. As many of you know, the Card Coffin is the only accessory on the market that holds the whole L5R configuration including components like wound counters and power wheels. It fits like a glove and we've had L5R players asking about some customized options since the Card Coffins first appeared. Well, we're very hopeful that you'll have something for next year, but that's all we can say for now!

10/08/06 - Check out the new Pit Fighter Tournament Pages! The first tournament begins November 1st, so start registering and putting together your best decks! Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena hit stores just one week ago and we've heard nothing but good news! Hopefully you'll see it at your favorite local store and, if you don't, please ask them to put in an order!

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon with the good folks at Hobby City in Burtonsville, MD who kindly agreed to host a Release Party for the games. We played many rounds of Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena as well as all the variations of Death by Dice. The games were hard fought and the outcomes were very narrow. It was a great time and we look forward to doing it again. In fact, we hope that just as good a time will be had next weekend at The Family Game Store in Savage, MD where we will be for their Saturday night of board gaming. If you are in the area, stop by and play some games with us.

We are trying an experiment with our store pages. You can see that the New Store link is active. This is a new page with all our products in one place. We imagine that established fans of Cheese Weasel Logistics know what they are going for and can use this page as a "one-stop-shop." Each product description page has ordering information as well, effectively creating two different types of shopping on our site. We'd like to know how this works for you and if you have an opinion, please let us know!

9/17/06 - It's the She Weasel! I've gotten my paws on the website this month as we're overhauling some big pieces of it. Of course, the Chief Weasel has had to answer the many questions I have about web design, but I'm getting better! With the release of our new games, we need a better organized page, a more efficient store, and lots more information. In this update, we have finished much of the Pit Fighter resource pages and taken a stab at a new navigation bar (to the left). We're still cleaning up the bits and pieces, but if you notice anything that doesn't work right - let us know!

Also, we've had several opportunities for good exposure over the last month. 1) A fellow that picked up Pit Fighter at the GenCon convention was so excited about it that he decided to take it to another convention and show it around! He put together a display and all! We were amazed! Thank you, Grey! 2) At the Alliance Retailor Summit in Baltimore, we met a whole bunch of interesting and interested game and comic store owners and had a great time showing them what we do. Through some of these cool folks, we plan on holding a handful of Release Parties in the Virginia, Maryland, DC area over the next couple of months. If you're in the area - check out the site and plan to come see us! 3) We did a newspaper interview for a couple articles in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel (Parkersburg, WV) and we're hoping to see those in press soon.

Finally, the Chief Weasel reports that we are well on our way to having the next 100 cards for Pit Fighter Expansions! I have to tell you that he's come up with great new stuff including a few new mechanics, and ya'll better gear up and be ready! Speaking of which, we'll need playtesters over the winter and spring...visit our Sneak Page for details and be a part of the action!

8/21/06 - Hello all. Well, there is lots to talk about this month. Gencon went very well for us. There seemed to be more then normal folks there, not to say that the folks there aren’t normal. If you have ever been to a gaming con, you know what I mean. Our Meta-Game was a big success, we gave out over $6,500 in prizes and everyone involved seemed to have fun. We look forward to running this game again in the future.

We premiered our newest game, Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena. That went great! The response was very positive. In fact we have already done 2 newspaper interviews as a result of it. And speaking of newspapers, we somehow managed to be on the cover of the Indianapolis Star for August 12, 2006. Very cool. Several of our fans brought us copies. See now I can show my mother that the whole gaming thing isn’t a fad. In your face, Mom!

Lets see what else has the Weasel been up too. Well not a whole lot. Bringing the 2 games to market and the convention season has pretty much taken all of our time up. We have managed a redesign of our website, hopefully you won’t notice. Its more for our organization than for looks. Both the She Weasel and I have gotten sick from the Gencon, so who ever was the Typhoid Mary that came to our booth, next time just phone in a demo request. We have taken over our fulfillment services for ourselves. We have had some issues with the way it has been done in the past and we wanted to take control of the situation. We hope that this will mean that you will see us in more places and with a bigger splash. We are planning on a direct mailing to be sent to all the game stores out there, so keep your eyes open for it. Had a long discussion with the folks at Slugfest and Smirk and Dagger, and it looks like we will be putting together a team effort forums area. It will have information on all of our companies and allow people to ask question, find information, stuff like that.

Yikes this is getting long. Well I’ll wrap it up here for now. Chat with you all later.

7/27/06 - Added our new product, in fact our latest game, Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena. Just click here, or on the link to the left to get to the page. Pit Fighter is a multi-mechanic game. Combining the action of a miniatures game, the deck creation of a CCG, and the money management of a European board game, all rolled into one game...and NOT collectable, if you were wondering! We will be launching it at Gencon 2006, so stop by the booth and get a demo.

7/12/06 - Several new magnets were aded to our magnetic art page. Two new Weasels, and a few of our Death by Dice images.

7/07/06 - Well we made it back from Origins 2006, mostly in one piece. If was tough going, with a lot of battles to be fought just to get there, but in the end we survived. For instance the banner we ordered for our new Death by Dice game was wrong, the banner stand we ordered was wrong, our hotel reservations were messed up, the AC broke, our toilet broke, and a few other minor details. But we made it. We even managed to pull off a successful convention. We sold over 100 copies of our Death by Dice and it was well received by the public at large.

We did several demos for our up-coming Pit Fighter game and had a few stores requested copies of it already. Several people requested to buy copies as well, but they will have to wait until Gencon for that.

Our Origins meta-game was a big. About 1200 people played it. We had over $5000 in prizes to give away. The grand prize winner was stunned he had won so much stuff and had to have about 6 friends help him carry it all away. So congrats to him. A picture of the first and second place winners can be found here.

We also had out first annual “Death by Dice Poke in the Eye” tournament. Seven smaller tournaments were held and the winner coming from that pool. In the end Pat Roach held off all competitors and won himself a $100 shopping spree in the Cheese Weasel Logistics booth. He also won the right to create a Death by Dice character to be released by us with out next set. So lets all congratulate Pat the next time we see him.

We are putting together our Gencon 2006 meta-game, which is looking like it will be our biggest one yet. I am still trying to get Blizzard involved which will be a big draw, maybe even a unique pet out of it. So if you want to play, just stop by our booth in the hallway and ask the quest giver, the guy with the yellow ! over his head for the quest chains. He’ll get you going.

We may have picked up a few Sneaks for our Sneak program as well and some friends who have seen us for the past few years expressed some interest in helping us in the booth at Gencon. Which is great since we will have 2 games to demo in our booth and several tournaments we will be doing and we need the help. In fact anyone interested in being a member of our Sneak team, please let us know.

Check out our In The News for some reviews we received for our new games.

6/20/06 - Well they are finally here!! Our Death by Dice game has arrived at our warehouses and are just about ready to send out to the stores. We do have a bunch for immediate sale through our website though. We have already sent out full sets of the game to all of our flavor text contest winners. We will be taking Death by Dice with us to Origins 2006 for its official debut. For those who don’t know about death by Dice, lift that rock a little higher, lol.

And speaking of Origins 2006, we will have a few prototype copies of our yet to be released game, Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena that we will be giving demos at out booth and after hours in the open gaming room. Also at Origins we seem to have a lot of room for our both, so we have decided to help out everyone. What we are going to do is to put up a living room at one end of our booth. If you need to take a load off, your feet are soar, whatever, come on by and park your butt on our sofa. This area will also be a great place to try out our new Death by Dice game to see how it looks in home environment, lol.

Also as you may have noticed, we are running our “This Item Starts a Quest” meta-game once again. This year we have over $5000 worth of prizes, nearly all of it signed by the artists or game creators. Just stop by out hallway booth near the exhibit hall entrance to pick up the three quest starter cards.

05/14/06 - Happy Moms Day!

From the banner above you can see we are running our Origns Meta-Game once more. If you are going to Origins 2006, play it, win big prizes, go home happy. Simple as that.

We are in the final stages of getting our second game to the printers. Pit Fighter:Fantasy Arena. Look for a new web page to be post about this in the next week or so.

04/18/06 - Have updated out site some. The Death by Dice page is up and we are taking pre-orders for them. This is our very first game. Go to the Death by Dice page and check it out. If you like dice games, you'll love this one. Death by Dice is a fast paced strategy dice game that pits characters against each other. The game is best 2 out of 3 rounds with the entire game taking about 5 minutes. The system is design to be fast, fun, and portable. Just put it in your pocket and take it wherever you go.

There are 10 sets, broken down into 2 editions. Currently 5 sets for each of the Nursery Wars and Gangland editions are available, but more are in development.

04/04/06 - Congratulations to our Death by Dice Flavor Text winners!!! Of the many submission received, we were forced to choose just a few. Out of them the following people have won, Timothy Phillips, Jeff Lennerth, and Lisa DeVries. For their hard earned efforts each will receive a full set of our new Death by Dice game, Nursery Wars and Mob editions. They will also have their names placed on the character board that corresponds to the poems they wrote. Also their names will be added to the game credits as a design credit. Again congratulations to the winners.

04/03/06 - Happy Cheese Weasel Day!!!

03/27/06 - Just a few days left for our flavor text contest for our new Death by Dice contest. So hurry and get your submissions in. We have also survived our trip to Las Vegas for the GTS Trade Show. All went well, but we did get food poisoning from the food at the hotel. Very nasty and made for a very bad trip home on the plane. We are still on track for both of our games. One should be available for Origins and the other should be available for Gencon. We are also working a deal to get Death by Dice into a larger mass market. More details as that unfolds. We may also see an expansion of our Card Coffin line this year with a few custom runs and a possible license deal we are working on. Also, more details on that as they unfold. So the coming year looks very exciting or terrifying for us. So fasten your seat belts and hang on, its going to be a bumby night.

02/17/06 - Well we have two games almost ready for market. Death by Dice and Pit Fighter:Fantasy Arena. We even have a contect going on with Death by Dice. The winner for each character will receive the entire collection of Death by Dice. 10 sets in all. Just click here for details.

01/06/06 - Well hello and welcome to the new year. We all made it through the holidays without a hitch. It has been ahile since our last post, so lets see what has been going on. We have hd several people contact us about being in the Sneak program. We hope to do better with this program and will give it greater attention in the coming weeks. We have two games that are currently in final play test and we have been getting quotes for production of them. It was touch and go for a bit on our "Death by Dice" game (Working title) but I think we have figured out a way to produce it at a cost that we can distribute it. The play testing and designing of these games has chewed up a large portion of our time. We have also set up local play test group for CWL. Consisting of several members of a local gaming club new our home. We hope that this will speed out game design process along faster. We have also been in touch with a gaming blog site. they like us and we like them, what more can we say. Check them out at www.tabletopgamer.blogspot.com or from our Links page. They are some good folks and have some very interesting information about miniatures games.

11/15/05 - Well, we did a total redesign of the website. Got rid of those pesky layers that were causeing so much trouble. We tried to keep the general look and feel of the old site. This new site will be easier for us to maintain and should look cleaner, we hope. If you see anything wong or don't like something, just let us know.

We remove the Games Review section of the webpage. This was grossly out of date, difficult to maintain, rarely viewed. There are many excellent web sites that deal with just game reviews, that can do a much better job at it then we can.

We have also added a small section of pictures we took while on our honeymoon to the Galapagos Islands.

10/27/05 - Well we are back from the honeymoon. 10 days in the Galapagos Islands. Took about 1300 pictures in all. We will post a few of them up here once we go through them all. For now we are back to the game designs we started last month. With some luck we will be bringing a few new games to GAMA next March. We are also looking at a few game accessories as well, one for RPGs that it very needed, but more on that later.

09/25/05 - We have playtested one of our new games. It needs some work but hold some promise. We'll keep you posted as time goes by.

09/14/05 - The new Cheese Weasel Logistics T-shirts are now available through our website. We have also added more to our Weasel Sneak program so check that out. We are still in the process of creating a Weasel Sneak kit for all the Weasels out there.

We are also deep, and I mean deeply involved with creating our next products. We are hard at work creating 2 different games, and 2 new gaming accessories. You'll have to wait to find out exactly what they are, but if you are at the Game Parlor in Chantilly VA area Saturday you will get the opportunity to be the first to playtest one of the new games.

08/28/05 - Well we survived Gencon. We had a great convention and want to thank all of you that came out to the booth. We also want to thank all those who played in the Quest Chain game we ran at Gencon. If you didn't play you missed out on over $2500 in prizes! We will run the game again at Origins and/or Gencon next year, so stay tuned...because we spoke with some big folks in the industry and some very special prizes will be up for grabs next year.

We also came to the concusion awhile back that we are going to need some help. Help in promoting our products and help with convention and such. To this end, we have created the Weasel Sneak program. Just go to the Sneak link and find out what its all about.

We have also penned a deal wih the good folks over at Troll and Toad. They are one of he largest online card dealers in the world. Be sure to check them out at www.trollandtoad.com. And while you're there look for our logo. They have become the premier online seller of Cheese Weasel Logistics products.

As you may have seen on Gamingreport.com, Cheese Weasel Logistics is going to get into the game market. We in the midst of creating our own games and also looking at licensing a game or two from other designers. Stay tuned for more information.

We are also proud to annouce that we received our Cheese Weasel T-shirts and they will be available for purchase as soon as we can get a good picture for the website.

07/16/05 - Updated new RPG Combos for each tin we make. Also added a page looking for Weasel Sneaks. We are seeking people to join the Weasel Ranks as official Sneaks (Sneaks are used because a group of Weasels is known as a Sneak).

07/07/05 - Well we survived Origins. Our new Pirates Card Coffins were big hits. We want to thank everyone who came out to see us and for those who picked up a Card Coffin. We are now gearing up for Gencon Indy where we will have all of our products as well as a few surprises. We are also running a new convention game based on the World of Warcraft quests. Stop by the guys with the yellow exclamation mark and start your quests.

06/26/05 - Added 2 new magnet design, the Pirate Weasel and the American Revolution Flag. We had are world premier part at the Game Parlor. the day was great. A large number of people came out to see us and our sales exceeded our expectation. Our next stop is Origins. Make sure you stop by the booth, #327, and say hi. See you there.

06/24/05 - All the Card Coffins have arrived. Our wharehouse has received all of theirs, we have received all of ours, and Fantasy Flight Games has received all of theirs. We worked hard though the night and made sure that all Pirates Card Coffin Pre-Orders where packaged and sent out today, 6/24/05.

We will have more information in a day or so. With the ramp up ro Origins we have little time at the moment.

06/14/05 - The Pirates Tins have arrived at our shipping warehouse and will be to us by the beginning of next week. We are going to start getting all the pre-orders out a few days after that. We will ensure that all pre-orders are filled and mailed prior to our leaving for Origins.

We also want to announce that he world premier of the Pirates Card Coffin will be held at the Game Parlor. we will unveil the Pirates card Coffin on June 23 at the their Chantilly location and June 25 at their Woodbridge location. Stop on by and say hi and be the first to pick up a Pirates card coffin.

04/09/05 - Just wanted to provide and update on the whereto and howfors of the new Card Coffins coming. We have been in touch with out manufacturer and the new shipment is slated to be on the boats from Hong Kong May 15. They then estimate a 30 day delivery time. What all this means is that we should have shipment in time for Origins. We should also be able to send out all those pre-ordered Pirates Card Coffins prior to Origins.

We are also announcing a new partnership with the good folks over at Trollandtoad games. Check out their web banner on our partnetship page.

03/21/05 - At the GAMA convention, the Card Coffin was nominated for an Origins award. This is huge for us, and we will find out at Origins 2005 who the winner is. This is really a big deal for our company. It being our first year in business and our very first product, it says alot about us and our product.

03/20/05 - Well we made it back from GAMA. It was big success fo us. We gave a seminar on Synergy Marketing and got alot of good feedback from it. Our part as well as a part performed by Tony Rivera (of Wizkids at the time) can be found at www.cheeseweasel.net/gama. Our Pirates Card Coffin was a big hit and by all indication we are on track to sell quite a few of them.

01/29/05 - Huge announcements here at the Weasel. Two big things to report. First we have signed a deal with Fantasy Flight games to produce a Call of Chuthulu Card Coffin for them. This new tin will be availabe through FFG starting in the spring. See their site for more information.

Our second huge announcement is a teaming with to produce a tin for their wildly popular Pirates game. Check out the Announcement page for more details.

8/27/04 - Well we made it through Gencon 2004. It was a great Con for us and we want to thank everyone who came out and saw us. All the credit for the success we had really belongs to you. I also want to thank everyone who participated in out Plunder! Game. The top winner walked away with $800.00 worth of games and such. Most of the items were signed or unique items not available anywhere. Look for us to do something like this again at our next Con. We had 11 companies participating and while at the Con a few others approached us to be included in the next one. Seems that good things only get better.

We received some good press from multiple sources (check out www.gamingreport.com for one or two of them) and things are looking up for the Weasel. We sold lots of Card Coffins and along the way made some great contacts with several companies interested in licensing or custom runs. The one we’re most excited about – Wizkids and their new Pirates of the Spanish Main. It just so happens (err…it was all according to plan…yeah, the plan) that a full assembled fleet of those little boats fits in the main deck compartment with plenty of space for land, crew and money in sides. In fact, two attendees informed us that they scoured the hall for a better fit and nothing came close. Seems the guys at Wizkids may agree and we’ll see what comes of that!

It seems the Weasel is also beginning to acquire a following! Somewhere out there a game store is holding a Cheese Weasel tournament for which we donated some prize support. For some gambling Origins attendees, our official Cheese Weasel Conflict Resolution Device (of which we gave away more than 4,000 just at GenCon) may have saved lives! They consulted the Weasel while deciding if they should stop at a particular restaurant on the way home. The Weasel said no and they moved on. Turns out that others who didn’t have the Weasel’s prophetic knowledge had a trip home laden with many little “convenience” stops – if you know what we mean. Finally, we wandered into a Bob Evans somewhere in the middle of OHIO for breakfast on Monday morning – no Cheese Weasel shirts or paraphernalia about us and found that the host there was a Card Coffin fan and was excited to meet us! We fished around for an unpacked Cheese Weasel Button Men and made the guy’s day.

Check out this GenCon page for some pictures. We’re still recovering, but couldn’t be more pleased with how things went. We’ll certainly see you all next year at GAMA, Origins, and GenCon at least!

Check out the images of our trip on the Gencon page.

8/4/04 - Sorry for any problems you may have encountered with our website over the past few days. We have been experiencing difficulties with our domain host. With fairness to thoem, we will not mention those rat bastards at yahoo!.

07/14/04 - Big update to the site. With the introduction of several new products we had to brake out our store into different areas. We added the Cheese Weasel Button Men, very popular at Origins 2004, and several new Magnet Art that fit perfectly on the top of the Card Coffin or RPG Coffin.

07/06/04 - Well we survived Origins 2004. It was a rough few days but we managed to get through. We did exceptionally well at the Con and in fact even managed to turn a profit from all the sales we did. That was of course thanks to all of you.

First a bit of news. The Sheweasel has moved in with me, the Chiefweasel, and we have decided to get married at some point in the near future. Thank you, thank you. If you see us at a Con or at the Game Parlor in Chantilly VA just ask her about it.

While at the Con we made some new friends and even got ourselves a potential new distributor for our RPG Coffin line. First the friends. We hung out with the folks from PandaHead Productions. I met the CEO earlier this year at GAMA and got to talking about his XCrawl system for D20. I had always thought it was an interesting idea but didn’t know quite how to start it. He suggested just playing a game and let the players go crazy. Well I did, and it worked. I am now running an XCrawl campaign so thanks PandaHead and keep up the good work.

We also met the owners of Lucid Raven. For those who don’t know who, they are a new company with a brand new TCG on the market. It has been getting good press so far and after looking it over I would recommend folks give it a try. Step away from the other CCGs and TCGs for a bit and give something new and really good a try. Who knows you might like it.

We also hooked up with our friends over at Smirk and Dagger, the makers of Hex Hex a great fun party type card game. If you like stabbing your friends I the back then you need to check out the Smirk and Dagger website and/or play Hex Hex.

Other things that have happened to us. We crated a new Buttonmen called the Cheese Weasel (complete with the Power of Cheese – of course!!). I have just received notice from Cheap Ass Games that we can purchase the rights to the Cheese Weasel Buttonmen. An of course we intend to, so look for him on sale through our web site or at the booth at Gencon. The whole Buttonmen thing is in response to the great people over at Cheap Ass Games who had a deal at Origins that anyone who wanted could make a Buttonmen for Origins could do so without a license. The only restriction was that the Buttonmen could only be used while at Origins. After the Con was over the rights ended. We sold ours in our booth and in fact sold out of the 80 we brought with us. With this kind of demand you can be sure you will see the Cheese Weasel Buttonmen showing up in more places in the future.

Another product that sold better then we had expected was our magnet art. The idea is that you buy a tin from us then you can choose from a variety of magnets to go on it. That way it is cheaper for us to have more tin styles available and better for the consumer because they can choose from a larger variety of tins then the three versions we currently have.

We are also starting to ramp up for Gencon next month. We are in talks with several companies to offer synergy products. A few of the products we hope to partner with are Cyberpunk CCG, XCrawl, and Crimson Empires. Our hope is to enhance their products with our Card Coffin or RPG Coffin thus making both products more attractive to the consumers.

Well I’m sure I missed some stuff, and I apologize for that. If you are off to Gencon this year, stop by and say hi. We’d be glad to see you.

05/23/04 - The Weasel has settled into a cicadian rhythm (which is no joke for those of us on the East Coast enduring the 17-year Cicada swarm!!) We are out in the stores and seeing how the Card Coffin will fair on the market. So far, so good, just need to be in more places! The next project: Origins and GenCon Indy 2004! We'd love to meet a ton of people there and have a great time, plus survive the full days of staffing the booth and seeing a Con from the exhibitor point of view!

Couple notes on the site...we've added some reviews and continued to clarify the shopping process. We're not sure of user interest in having a page for Card Vault files, so we're thinking of taking it off, but we'd love to hear some feedback and interest indicators from the gaming community.

One note for all you going to Origins 2004! We've heard that we rank in the top 3 coolest companies from some of the GAMA staff who do promotions at the Convention! Look for Cheese Weasel wooden nickels with our booth number on them. If you have one in hand, we will redeem it at the booth for a free 3-pack of magnetic deck labels.

03/21/04 – Well here we are again, fresh from GAMA in Las Vegas. For those of you who do not know what GAMA is, it is a game manufacturing show where everyone who wants to be anyone in the business comes to gather to show their wares. This was our first time there so it was quite a learning experience. And boy did we learn. First of all we didn’t go to sell any of our Card Coffins, we went just to give promos and get the word out. And I can say the word is out! We had many people stop by the booth and say they had heard of us but didn’t know what we were al about. Most walked away with a free Card Coffin of their chose, and very excited. We had talks with many large CCG companies who expressed interest in custom runs of the Card Coffin. I’ll keep everyone informed of those deals as they develop.

We took a prototype of a product we had in development to see how it would be received. This product is the RPG Coffin, which is available through our site here. The demand for the RPG Coffin exceeded anything we could have hoped for. We received orders for hundreds of them and Fantasy Flight Games picked up the product to be distributed through them. We will continue to sell the RPG Coffin directly to the users and retail stores until the FFG distribution contract is in place. After that we will only sell directly to consumers.

Besides the hocking of wares, we met a lot of folks there. We even had Steve Jackson himself come to our booth to talk to us about a project involving the Card Coffin. Our booth was located directly in front of the Sovereign Stone people, who had Margaret Weiss sitting there talking to people and sighing autographs. We also made some good contact with other new companies. The folks from Smirk and Dagger have a really good couple of games out, and I recommend that you take some time to visit their site and check out their games. I will post a review of each of their games in our review sections.

With so many people to meet and so many great games to see it is difficult to put all of the information down on paper. All I can say is if you get the chance to go to GAMA next year, do so. If you can’t make it to the show, stop by and see us or the Smirk and Dagger folks at Origins and Gencon.

3-9-04 Still sorry about the mess. I sware ma, I'll clean it up. Well it has been a crazy few weeks. We are off to take our 12,000 Card Coffins to FFG in MN. From there we are off to GAMA in Las Vegas for a week. I'll keep you posted as to what happened there.

2-25-04 Sorry about the mess we are just getting going and are still in the process of designing and fine tuning our site. If you see anything wrong or run into a problem at all, please, please, please let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible.