One of the things we here at Cheese Weasel Logistics believe strongly in, is that companies are better when they team up. That’s why we put the Logistics after the company name. This process has been called many things in the past. We like to call it Synergy. Now, what Synergy does for you is allows you to help other companies while they help you. We have made this one of our core functions here at Cheese Weasel Logistics. In keeping with this philosophy we have teamed up with a few companies in an effort to cross promote each other’s products - we call them Synergy Partners and they are listed below. So far these relationships have worked well for all those involved. We look forward to expanding our relationships with our current Synergy partners and to create more relationships with others.


Smirk and Dagger Games

The folks over at Smirk and Dagger Games were our first true "Con buddies" and we think they and their products are truly great. Their primary product is the game Hex Hex. A "mean spirited party game," as they would call it, it's a fast-paced, quick-pick-up game to get any party or gaming evening going. This game has been selling very well and things are looking very bright for this new company. We wish them all the luck in the world. I have already bought 3 copies of the game, one for myself and two for family and friends. We met the Smirk and Dagger guys at GAMA 2004 over in Las Vegas. Since then we have met up again at Origins and Gencon. Our Synergy program started just before Origins. About 2 weeks before Origins 2004 we contacted the CEO of Smirk and dagger games and ran an idea past him. He was excited about it and we went forward with it. The idea was that we each give a coupon off each other’s products. Since I already had a copy of Hex Hex I knew that when you break it down, all the components fit perfectly into my product, the Card Coffin. Smirk and Dagger Games also realized this and a partnership was born. For our part I know that Smirk and Dagger Games was responsible for about 1/3 of our sales at Origins. I know we sent many people their way as well. Since then we have continued the same partnership to both our successes. To promote their product, I display my Card Coffins showing their product. I also tell folks about it a bit and direct them to where they can pick up a copy of it. This sort of thing is simple to do but can have a great impact on the business of both our companies.


Spielerz.Com is an on-line community for gamers, by gamers. Our goal is to help you spend less time looking for local players, and more time playing your games. If you play Board Games like Settlers of Catan and Powergrid; Role Playing Games (RPG) like D&D, Shadowrun, and Kobolds ate my Baby; Miniatures like Warhammer and Axis & Allies; CCGs like Magic: The Gathering, or Live Action Role Playing Games (LARP) like Vampire: the Masquerade; then Spielerz is for you.

Why Should I register?
Gamers need a good way to find each other. We know it's tempting to only join after everyone else joins —but then we all sit at home staring at our 3-6 player games in shrink wrap. Be brave! Be a leader! Register today!

Meet new people without sharing your personal information. Sure you want to meet new people, but that doesn't mean you're super excited about having your contact information floating around the Internet—or hanging on scraps of paper in your local game store. By joining Spielerz you can meet new gamers in your area, set up opportunities to game all without ever sharing your e-mail address—or even your real name.

It's easy, and free
We ran accross these guys at Origins 2007 and found the idea to be an interesting one. Basically they try to match up gamers based on the games they want to play. So if you are wanting to play specific games and can never seem to fine anyone to play them, check out Spielerz.

Troll and Toad have been around for about 15 years now, operating out of Corbin KY. They started out by specializing in the sale and resale of Magic cards. And in that capacity they have become the world's largest retailer of Magic cards, both in inventory and sales. Today, however, they have expanded to carry a comprehensive selection of games and accessories. A huge and positive reputation is hard to come by for and exclusively online retailer, but they have one and this says something about them, A. They know the market, B. they know thier customers needs and wants, and C. they are some sharp folks. So if you need it, they got it. They have been a log time supporter of the Cheese Weasel Logistics product line, and we thank them for that. Go check them out.