This is the Hero Lab's User Content Repository:

Hey everyone and welcome to the Cheese Weasel Logistics Hero Lab User Content File Repository.  If you don’t know what Hero Lab is, this page won’t help you much, sorry about that.  But as a refresher – Hero Labs is a character generator program created by Lone Wolf Development.  It allows for the creation of characters for several gaming systems.  It also allows for a great deal of customization and user created content. 

That’s where this page comes into play.  My hope is to compile user created contact for the Hero Lab product and make it available to any and all who want it.  All files on this site are donated by users of the Hero Lab product and are present on an “As Is” basis.  I will not take any form of responsibility for content or operation of the files provided.  I would like this page to operate as a conduit for developers to post their creations and get them out to the rest of the user community. 

I would also like to be able to connect people together who would like to coordinate on projects, such as the coding of an entire book of feats or equipment. 

Here are a few guidelines for naming the Hero Lab files.  This should make it easier for users to identify what they are getting and should help prevent any users from duplicating work.

Please make file names the following format:
i.e. DD35_complete_champion_feats_v1

Links to various systems:

D&D 3.5


Savage Worlds



I have been making some demo videos for the Pathfinder system and posting them to a YouTube channel. if you would like to se any of them just click here.



Star Wars

On a side note, we need more people to create content for the various game systems offered in Hero Lab. If you are interested just contact me at