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Welcome to the Cheese Weasel's web site!

11-17-2016 - Finally finished updating the site. Look for pictures of 2016's winners at Gen Con on the Conventions page, as well as information on upcoming conventions we'll be at (yep, 2017 brings more than just GenCon to the Cheese Weasels!).

01-15-2015 - Well it has started again, we are gearing up for Gen Con.

07-31-13 - Well we have finally run out of inventory. Sorry about that everyone.

As for the future, we will continue to run our popular Cheese Weasel ConQuest Game at Gen Con each year. Also look for us on Kickstarter for some new products that will be comong later this year. Also the whole Cheese Weasel website may undergo a transformation. We have a few ideas that we are looking into.

10-26-11 - Just a quick update.  The game store web portal is coming along. I hope to have something up in a month or so.  I have 14 companies signed up already and more are contacting me every day.  A few things we have been doing to try and help the weasel, we have a Facebook page and we would be more than happy to have everyone friend us.  In fact we will launch information about special sales and exclusives through our Facebook portal.  We also have a Twitter account now, @cheeseweaselgmz.  We would also love to have you sign up and follow us.  We will be using the Twitter account to do sales and provide people with special codes for special offers. So we would love to have you follow us.

09-11-11 - Hey everyone, just a few bits today. Firstly I wanted to add my voice to the appreciation that we all have for our men and women in the armed services, and our collective grief as we reflect back to that day a decade ago. 

Now back to Weasel stuff.  Not many changes this time around.  Our iPad app is nearly complete.  Just putting in a few features and the AI.  Our hope is to have something out in a month or so. 

Cheese Weasel has started a mailing list to help folks keep in touch with us and what we are doing.  So if you are interested in being on our mailing list just contact me and let me know.  I would be more than happy to add you to the list.  We started the list at Gen Con this year, it seems that there are a lot of people who would like to be in contact with the Weasel and we are happy to oblige them.  To this end we have also opened a Twitter account and you can reach us at @cheeseweaselgmz.  We are also available on Facebook, just do a search for Cheese Weasel Logistics. 

So the question is, why is the Weasels suddenly jumping into the social media arena?  Well that’s a good question, that main reason is that we at Cheese Weasel Logistics have been looking into opening an online game store.  We want to continue the philosophy that we have at Gen Con, which is to highlight new and small companies.  To that end the new Cheese Weasel Game Store will feature new and small companies almost exclusively.  Our hope is to launch it in a month or so time at which point I’ll give more information, but when you come visit the website, you’ll see some big changes.

As many of you know I have been working with the Lone Wolf folks to help out with their Hero Lab product.   Well we I am at it again.  I have created some demo videos on how to use Hero Lab.  So if you would like to see them or subscribe to the channel, just pop over to YouTube and search for TheChiefWeasl, also you can check out the Hero Lab page on this site.

08-15-11 - Hey folks, it’s been awhile.  The Weasel has been quiet for some time not, but we got a big rush of activity for Gen Con.  Now we’re into post convention decompressing, which for those of us in the industry, that mean we ramp up to get a bunch of stuff done.  We went to Gen Con a few days early to hang out with our friends from Smirk and Dagger.  Unfortunately we ended up working the convention starting on Wednesday rather than Thursday.   It seems that there are a lot of people who get to Gen Con on Wednesday and we wanted to take advantage of that.  In fact we are now planning on going to Gen Con a day early from now on in order to run our ConQuest program for those who are there early.  We are thinking of some quest things or special prize for those who are at gen Con on Wednesday.  We’ll see, just look for us next year.

Our iPad app is still coming along.  We aren’t too far from completing it, just need to drop in the AI and a few graphic things.  We are also looking for another iPad/iPhone developer to help us out so if anyone knows of someone looking for some development work, just send them my way. 

We have made a few updates to the site as well, nothing major just some house cleaning items.  We have posted a Facebook page so if anyone would like to stop over there and Like us, that would be great.  To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Facebook, or social media in general, but I do recognize the benefits of it when it comes to marketing and getting your word out.  I have also started a blog which is will be writing chapters of a Steampunk idea I have had for a while now, but that has been slow going due to a huge amount of work at work.  That should go away, mostly, by the end of August.  Once I start the blog I’ll post all the information here and even put a link to it on the left menu.

That’s about it from us here at the Weasel.  Have fun and we’ll chat l8r.

01-18-10 - Hey everyone, its been a bit since my last posting.  Its been busy and a strange few months.  I have continued to post files for the Hero Lab product by Lone Wolf.  In my opinion, which I value, it’s the best RPG character creation software on the market.  If you play an RPG you should check it out, just Google them and you’ll find it.

A second venture that has been chewing up some time is the creation of iPad apps.  I have a few developers currently working on 3 different apps.  The problem is that I have about 6 more apps that are in the hopper but we won’t get to them for some time.  While we are developing them for the iPad, we would like to develop them for the Android market as we, but I don’t know of any developers in that arena, if anyone knows of someone have them contact me and we can certainly talk.  I don’t want to release which games we are working on yet, but that will be coming soon.  Our goal is to make heavy use of the Apples Game Center, that means you can play again other people anywhere in the world.   Pretty cool!  We are shying away from using an AI for single user play, the more I think about this the more I debate over it.  I do like the idea of being able to play a single player game, but the power of the iPhone and iPad just don’t allow for powerful AIs.  What this means is that games using an AI are easy to defeat, or they make very dumb moves.  They become too predictable and lose their fun rather fast.  I have found this in apps like Buttonmen, Smallworld, and Kingsburg.  While I love the board games for each of these, the apps are very easy to beat in single player mode.  But I am open for ideas, so if folks like one method or the other let me know, I would be interested in hearing from you. 

So what’s next on the horizon for the Weasel? 

Currently we are working on setting up an outlet in the New Zealand and Australia markets.  We will soon be looking for companies who would like to have representation in that part of the world.

We are in the final phases of playtesting our two new games.  We have 3 new expansions for the Pit Fighter game.  These will most likely be distributed through Game Crafters.  I’ll post more information on that as we wrap things up.  We do have a new card game that we are almost done with.  We playtested it at Gen Con and got some good feedback.  Now we have made the changes and need to play test it some more.  If anyone is interested in doing soe play testing just let us know and we’ll see about getting the files to you. 

There will be new Hero Lab files in the works.  We are working on combining D20 files to form a single comprehensive data set of all things D20. 

I have just submitted a treatment to the SyFy channel for a new show that I and a friend have been working on for the last year.  It’s an extreme long shot that anything will come from it but you never know, and if you don’t take the chance, it never will be.  

I am having a story published in Polymancer magazine.  This actually happened a bit ago but they haven’t published the story yet.

I am currently working on a story that is a new take on the Jack the Ripper, but taking a Steampunk view of it.  This story is the first episode of the TV show treatment that we created.  Not sure on its completion date, it’s been going slower then I want, but as you can see things have been a bit busy.  I actually put this up as a challenge on Facebook but didn’t get any takers; I guess I don’t have enough followers to make something like this viable.

The wife and I are still playing World of Warcraft and can be found on the Lothar server.  Our guild name is Valar Morghulis. So stop by and say hi.

09-06-10 - More Hero Lab files added to the website.

08-14-10 - Well another Gen Con is done, huzzah! We had a lot of fun this year and had a lot of great help for our ConQuest game. We also met some good people and got together with old friends as well.  We demoed our new game and play tested 3 new expansions for our Pit Fighter game.  All went well with only a few changes that are needed before we go to print with either.

I have added some files onto the Hero Lab section as well, so folks are welcome to check those out.

05-05-10 - Well we have added some files to our Helo Lab Repository. Also we have added a ne wpage to help explain our onQuest program that we run at Gen Con. And speak of Gen Con and the ConGames, we are changing the name of it to ConQuest. The reason being is that ConQuest sounds more like what we do, since we send you questing for treasures. To find out all the information about the ConQuest just go to the link provided on the left.

03-29-10 - New Hero Lab files have been added.

03-05-10 - Hey all. Well it looks like the Weasel will be running the ConGames again at this years Gen Con.  So make sure to stop by our starter booth outside the exhibit hall to start the quests that can earn you 2 free cruise tickets on a gamer cruise.  And speaking of Gen Con, we will be offering a few play test session for 2 of our new items.  The first on are 3 new expansions for our Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena game, that’s right, 3 new expansions.  We are also play testing a brand new game, but we’ll keep that one under wraps for a bit, but you can search for Cheese Weasel events in the Gen Con events calendar.  We also hope to have some big news for all you Steampunk fans out there, but again, we’ll hold on to that one for a bit, lol. 

As much as it pained me, we have created a Facebook page for the Weasel.  Now I know what you are say, why does this cause you pain?  While I have nothing against Facebook, it is just an incredibly insecure method of communication and networking.  That and the fact I find their interface to be very confusing and non-intuitive.  Ok, rant over, so go check out our Facebook page and become a fan.

We have also made an update to our Hero Labs file repository, so make sure to check that out as well. 

01/15/10 - New Hero Lab contact has been added. A few new things in the works for the Weasel. It looks like we are going to do a few more sets of cards for our Pit Fighter game, llok for those this spring. We will be using a different form of distribution though, so stay tuned for that. There is also a big project in the works for the Weasel, I can't go into detail yet but as the spring approaches we'll let you know.

09/02/09 - Well lots of Hero Lab content has been added to the site, just use the link on the left to check it out.

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TrollandToad is the only official online retailer where you can buy all of our great Cheese Weasel Logistics products if they are unavailable at your local retail store.

Death by Dice is a web comix, with a Cheese Weasel character. With the obvious connection we felt we had to post the link, lol.


Sneak Program

Wanna be part of the action? Think you've got what it takes? Interested in playtesting the new stuff, running demos, and helping at conventions?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to talk up, promote, and demonstrate Cheese Weasel Logistics products. Simple as that.

At the moment we are looking for people to help with demos, game playtesting, helping with convention wide games, and help in the booth alongside the Chiefweasel and Sheweasel themselves! We will be coming out with a few games early next year and will be looking for help with playtesting and demos at conventions and game shops everywhere.

For questions and details on becoming an official Weasel on the Sneak Team, check out the Sneak page.